How to have a beautiful life

Folks are obsessed with other people’s day-to-day lives. We’re always on the outside hunting in. Tabloids are a rotten thing to do, but the internet is a whole lot worse. The way we use the internet is promoting so that it encourages this habits - we are prompted for being observers, not creators. Tumblr is a testament to this.

That seems like 95% of the internet’s capacities are taken up along with girls reblogging other people’s images, hundreds of them every day. Snapshots of beautiful moments. Persons in love, girls with great dresses, long evenings full of revelry & the sunrise viewed from someone’s rooftop.

I appreciate taking pictures as much as anyone else, but you need to draw the line somewhere. The whole thing makes me crazy because the pictures are all aspiration, along with no activity. Baby girl, leaving a comment more pretty photos is not going to make your life any more enchanting or wonderful, I promise.

Do you want to know a solution?

The only reason your life does not necessarily look or feel like a moment in time worth capturing on video is because you haven’t done anything to CREATE that.

A beautiful living requires work & efforts!
It means NOT staying in your pyjamas in front of the computer all of weekend.
It means getting in the actual shower, picking an clothing, choosing an activity & truly putting yourself out there.
It means calling your friends to request them out.
It means staying in touch with your friends and also making the effort so that you actually HAVE friends to do things with!
It implies striking up conversation with people who also may look weird or perhaps be different to you.
It means performing things you’re not absolutely sure of, heart pounding, as well as heebie-jeebies creeping up the back of your skull.

I know which sometimes, staying in & viewing a movie is more tempting. Nevertheless I also know that when we lastly extricate ourselves from our own nests, we feel so much better about ourselves, as well as life in general!

There are simply no excuses. Even the smallest city can be a wonder; it’s exactly about perspective.

Don’t live your life vicariously through the internet. Those private girls you worship? They are able to just as easily be you actually. Wouldn’t you prefer to be the man in the photo, instead of the person looking at it?

Do something terrific this week. Surprise the people who are around you. Live dangerously. Take a threat. Amaze yourself.

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